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Integration of Inventor with your ERP-System

The entegra Vault ERP-Connector

The entegra Vault ERP-Connector is the ERP-neutral interface between Inventor and your ERP-System. The connector integrates items, Bill of Materials (BOM), documents as well as projects or orders between Inventor/Vault and your ERP-system. Multiple manual entries are avoided, consistency between construction and ERP-system is established and the quality of your data and processes is improved.

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The interface is based on Vault Professional. Vault manages the CAD data and the ERP-Connector handles the communication with the ERP system. The connector is adapted to your requirements via an XML configuration.

Features of the Connector:


  • New creation of Vault items from ERP
  • New creation of ERP items from Vault
  • Bi-directional update of items
  • Handling of semi-finished products

Bill of Materials

  • Transfer of CAD-BOMs parts lists including position numbers
  • Update of BOMs


  • Transfer of documents
    (CAD- and neutral formats)
  • Transfer of the drawing status
  • Transfer of Vault weblinks


  • Bi-directional comparison of orders from the ERP with Vault-projects
  • Transfer project status
  • Transfer of all project documents

Selection Lists

  • Transfer of selection lists from ERP
  • Identical naming catalogues

Save Time I Benefit

  • Maintain stock list only once (1 x), no double data input
  • No manual part list transfer
  • No manual updates

Improve Benefit I Quality

  • Avoid duplicate items
  • No errors during manual transfer
  • More information in the construction
  • Consistent data between the construction and the ERP-system

Product instead of Customizing

The entegra Vault ERP-Connector is a standard product and – as part of the software maintenance – is continually improved and adapted to new Inventor- / Vault versions.


We have already implemented CAD interfaces to the following ERP-Systems with our connector:
abas ERP, ams.erp, AvERP, avista.ERP, canias ERP, eEvolution, IFS Applications, infor, proALPHA, PSIpenta, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, sage, SAP Business One, SAP ERP, SAP R/3, SIVAS.ERP and SYSPRO.


Videovorschau von CAD/ERP-Connector Integration von AutoCAD / Inventor zu abas ERP - Version 2016/2017