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Revit/ERP- Connector for Items/BOM/parts lists

entegra Revit Data Connector

The Revit Data Connector is a Revit application for the bi-directional transfer of data between Revit and ERP-systems, as well as for the creation of a construction and planning Bill of Materials (BOM). The BOM can be transferred directly to an ERP-system e.g. to create quotations or to control manufacturing- or assembly processes. Unnecessary, manual data inputs are avoided and a consistency of the data between Revit and ERP is guaranteed.

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The Revit/ERP-Connector reads the metadata of your article master and, with it, updates the Revit-families in your design.
At the click of a button, you can use the Revit/ERP integration – e.g. to compare Revit parameters with the current material master data of your ERP-systems or to import different languages from the article master into Revit.
Your project data will hereby always be up-to-date, even if you have copied parts of your design from legacy projects.

Position Numbers

The entegra Revit/ERP-Connector assigns the same position numbers to all identical components which are then added as parameters to the components. The position numbers can be used as an output on drawings and in the BOM.

Bill of Materials, Parts lists

Revit can only evaluate components of the same category in one list. The Revit/ERP-Connector, however, can combine all project components into one BOM, as required for a manufacturing BOM.
The quantities of the evaluated components are recorded in the quantity’s column.

Structure of the BOM

The order of the BOM can be, freely customized to suite different requirements e.g. per room or building phase.

Weight Determination

The weight can be used as an output in the parts lists

BOM Export

The parts list can either be inserted on drawings or exported as Excel or XML files to be then imported into the ERP-system. 

Product instead of Customizing

The Revit Data Connector is a standard product and is – as part of the software maintenance continuously developed and adapted to new Revit versions.


We have already successfully implemented CAD interfaces to the following ERP systems:
abas ERP, AvERP, avista.ERP, canias ERP, eEvolution, IFS Applications, infor, proALPHA, PSIpenta, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, sage,